Ethernet Switches How To Use

- Aug 25, 2017-

First of all, what we say here is the "Ethernet switch" is a home Ethernet switch or other smaller network switches used, this switch is generally fool. And large switches need more complex configuration, not here. So, home, small Ethernet switches how to use it? In fact, very simple, one sentence: plug can be used. Is connected to the power, then the Internet cable will be able to use.

However, often students have found that the function of the switch does not like their own imagination. Will search: how to use Ethernet switches? Here, we must first understand the general purpose of the switch:

Image that is to provide more interfaces, so that more equipment (such as: computer) can access Internet cable.

If you want to use more than one switch, the switch is LAN port, then the router is connected to the router The LAN port. At this point need to pay attention:

If you are connecting the outdoor cable directly to the switch. And then then the computer, dial-up Internet access on a computer, this time, the switch almost no effect, you received the other switches on the computer can not access the Internet.

The correct approach should be that the outdoor network cable router or Modem (cat), in the router or Modem (cat) on the dial, and then then exchange, then the computer, so then access the other switches on the computer can access the Internet The

Also need to pay attention to the different lines of cable connection: the same device cross-line, different equipment straight line. Routers and computers belong to the same kind of equipment, switches and computers are heterogeneous equipment. However, the current card is generally able to automatically adapt, regardless of cross-line, straight lines can be.

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