Fiber Adapter Superior Performance And Stable And Reliable

- Oct 23, 2017-

The fiber optic adapter is also called the fiber connector, which is the connecting part in the optical fiber active connector pair. Products include: FC. SC. ST. LC. Mtrj. Widely used in fiber optic wiring racks (ODF). Optical fiber communication equipment. Instruments. Superior performance, stable and reliable.

The fiber is connected by the adapter through its internal opening sleeve to ensure the highest connection performance between the fiber jumpers. A variety of fine fixed flanges are designed to be fixed on various panels.

A transform adapter can connect different types of fiber jumper connectors and provide a connection between the APC end surfaces. Double or multiple connections can increase installation density.

Fiber adapter is widely used today, has been widely used! In fact, most of our life is rarely directly seen, but your home if the use of fiber will be closely related! Let's take a look at the key performance of the fiber optic adapter!

1. Flame retardant. Flame retardant is the burning point of the material, good adapter material under the fire point is not easy to burn, this is an excellent flame retardant level.

2. Thermal deformation temperature. Plastic can deform under thermal pressure, especially in the wild. Therefore, the thermal deformation temperature of the adapter is also an important indicator.

3. Working temperature -40~75. This is a normal operating range for the adapter. If the cold temperature of the adapter loses its effectiveness will be very large, so generally at this working temperature can work normally.

4. Insertion loss. General requirements for loss of less than 0.2DB, if the loss is high will affect the transmission of light, then your network speed will be very card.

5. Number of inserts. In the continuous running-in between the need for continuous insertion, generally need more than 500 times to qualify, low or less on the late impact of a larger, reduced life.

6. Stable quality. Many adapters in the production process will appear chromatic aberration, this is in the production link is not good, as well as some small problems, such as shell fracture, thickness and so on! Be sure!


The market quality level is not homogeneous, the general choice Stability Best loss lowest!

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