Four Advantages Of OPTFOCUS PoE Switch

- Jul 22, 2019-

OPTFOCUS, as a practitioner, witness and important promoter in the field of Ethernet transmission and access, has attracted more attention once again. OPTFOCUS fully independent research and development and production of POE switches have four advantages:

Advantage 1: Make the products you need

The POE switches of OPTFOCUS are of various types. According to the classification of ports, functions and working environment, the products of OPTFOCUS have more than 150 types. And OPTFOCUS has its own R&D and production team, customization is also feasible. Not only think what you want, but also do what you want. It also fully embodies OPTFOCUS's concept of customer service supremacy. As shown in the figure, OPTFOCUS products are mainly divided into three categories: wide temperature industrial grade, room temperature industrial grade and indoor common type.

Advantage 2: Make products that you are satisfied with

The POE exchanges produced by OPTFOCUS not only have beautiful appearance but also complete functions. To meet your various needs. Such as port adaptive technology, port detection technology, intelligent QOS and so on. It also supports web and SNMP management, easy and convenient. With rich functions, you can rest assured that:

Advantage 3: Do what you expect

The harsh environment does not affect the operation of OPTFOCUS products at all. Every product produced by OPTFOCUS will undergo 100% aging test, high and low temperature test and a series of quality control measures to maximize the quality of products manufactured. OPTFOCUS products can even work at - 10 - 75 C. At the same time, OPTFOCUS uses high-tech chips, each chip has waterproof, lightning-proof and high-voltage protection devices, and every port of OPTFOCUS switch is also processed. As shown in the figure:


Advantage 4: Service First, Efficiency First

OPTFOCUS products are one-year replacement, three-year warranty, lifetime technical support free. This is very rare in the industry as a whole. All of this stems from OPTFOCUS's confidence in products and its responsibility to customers. As long as there is a problem with the OPTFOCUS after-sales engineer, OPTFOCUS can help you deal with the first time, so that you are satisfied and assured.

OPTFOCUS was established in 2002. After more than ten years of development, it has established its own development direction and made its own unique products in the industry. From the initial optical transceiver to a series of optical transmission products, from the initial fool-like products to all-intelligent products, we follow the footsteps of the international IT industry. China's IT industry has been working hard for 13 years, with the passage of time, OPTFOCUS people have identified their goals, to make their own unique contribution in the field of Ethernet transmission and access, we will continue to make contributions to the national information industry.

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