Function Of OLT

- Sep 24, 2019-

1. Broadcasting Ethernet data to ONU (Optical Network Unit);

2. Initiate and control the ranging process and record the ranging information.

3. Allocate bandwidth for ONU, i.e. control the start time and the size of sending window for ONU.

In EPON passive optical network system, OLT is a multi-service platform, which supports both IP services and traditional TDM services. Place it at the edge of MAN or the outlet of community access network, converge access service and pass it to IP network separately.

EPON passive optical network system is flexible in networking, with multiple terminals in the service access point within 20 kilometers of downlink radius, constituting the EPON system network. The system can support a variety of business models, adapt to a variety of working environments, and provide users with FTTx series of solutions. In addition to providing business convergence functions, OLT is also a centralized network management platform. Device-based network element management and service-based security management and configuration management can be realized on OLT. It can not only monitor and manage devices and ports, but also carry out business start-up and user status monitoring. It can also allocate bandwidth according to different users'QoS/SLA requirements.

The OLT routing function test method can be fully automated with CDRouter

Typical networking methods with OLT are as follows:

On the one hand, the signals carrying various services are aggregated at the local end and sent into the access network according to a certain signal format for transmission to the end users. On the other hand, the signals from the end users are sent into various service networks according to the service types.

It can be divided into three parts.

Core Part: Including Convergence Distribution, Business Processing and ODN Adaptation Functions

Business Part: Provide business interface functions, including interface adaptation, interface protection and so on, as well as signaling processing and medium transfer mode conversion functions with specific business when needed.

Public Section: Including Power Supply and OAM Functions

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