How Does The Fiber Switch Cascade Set?

- Aug 07, 2017-

  How does the fiber switch cascade set?

  Why is the fiber switch port used for cascading? Since the price of the fiber port is still very expensive, the fiber is mainly used for the connection between the core switch and the backbone switch, or is used for cascading between the backbone switches. It should be noted that the fiber ports are not stacked capacity, can only be used for cascading.

  Cross-connect of fiber jumpers

  All switch fiber ports are 2, respectively, a hair and a close. Of course, the fiber jumpers must also be two, otherwise the port will not be able to communicate. When the switch through the fiber port cascade, the fiber jumper must be both ends of the transceiver tone, when one end of the "received", the other end of the "hair."

  Similarly, when one end of the "hair", the other end of the "income". If both ends of the fiber jumper are connected to "receive" or "hair", Fiber Switch the LED of the port is off, indicating that the connection is failing. The LED indicator turns green only when the fiber port is connected successfully. Similarly, when the backbone switch is connected to the core switch, the optical transceiver port must also be cross-connect.

  Fiber jumper and fiber switch port cascade type

  Fiber jumpers are divided into single-mode fiber and multimode fiber. Switch fiber ports, jumpers must be consistent with the type of fiber used when wiring, that is, if the integrated wiring using multi-mode fiber, then the switch's fiber interface must be implemented 1000Base-SX standard, must also use Multi-mode fiber jumper; if the integrated wiring using single-mode fiber, then the switch's fiber interface must be implemented 1000Base-LX / LH standard, must also use single-mode fiber jumper.

  It should be noted that there are two types of multimode fiber, namely 62.5 / 125μm and 50 / 125μm. Although the fiber ports of the switch are identical and both perform the 1000Base-SX standard, the core diameter of the fiber jumper must be exactly the same as the core diameter of the cable. Otherwise, it will cause connectivity failure. In addition, the types of fiber ports that are connected to each other must be identical or both are multimode fiber ports, or both single-mode fiber ports. One end is a multimode fiber port and the other end is a single-mode fiber port that can not be connected together.

  Transmission rate and duplex mode

  Unlike 1000Base-T, 1000Base-SX, 1000Base-LX / LH and 1000Base-ZX can not support adaptive, different speed and duplex mode of the port will not be able to connect and communication. Fiber Switch Therefore, the interconnection of the fiber switch port cascade must have exactly the same transmission rate and duplex mode of operation, neither the 1000Mbps fiber port and 100Mbps fiber port connected together, nor the full-duplex mode fiber port And half-duplex mode of the fiber port connected together, otherwise, will lead to connectivity failure.

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