How To Buy Industrial Ethernet Switches

- Jun 15, 2017-

  How to buy industrial Ethernet switches

  1, reliability

  In the industrial field environment, reliability is undoubtedly the most important point.

  Factors to consider are: Device hardware tolerance to the work environment: such as operating temperature range, EMC electromagnetic compatibility, installation and power supply methods. Industrial Ethernet equipment is different from commercial Ethernet equipment, generally more suitable for on-site cabinet installation of the compact design and rail installation. In order to avoid damage caused by the rotation of the equipment damage, you should also choose the fanless design of the hardware device. In the product description of the parameters, should have a working temperature range, the electromagnetic compatibility of a detailed description.

  Select reliable and stable hardware, but also pay attention to the switch can provide a variety of redundancy, and fast fault diagnosis and recovery.

  2, real-time

  In different application environments, the system can tolerate the response time and jitter very different. A data frame in an automated network generates a certain delay in each process from one device to another. Therefore, the choice of industrial Ethernet switches first need to consider is the switch for data frame forwarding process in the port delay.

  In the standard factory automation control system, the system can tolerate the response time of not more than 10 milliseconds, in order to control the data frame from the top of the system to the bottom of the cumulative delay, select the switch, it should be noted that the switch port delay this value should not More than 10 microseconds.

  3, compatibility

  Industrial Ethernet switches and other Industrial Ethernet components should be able to use the standard TCP / IP protocol for communication. In any case, there should be no incompatibility between Industrial Ethernet devices and commercial Ethernet devices. Corresponding to different industrial fieldbus solutions, industrial Ethernet equipment should have the appropriate ability to be compatible with it.

  4, security

  Due to the openness of Ethernet, we have to take into account the factors of network security in the process of building an automated network. When selecting a device, the user should select a VLAN-enabled switch to facilitate the division of the network. Through the VLAN division, we can based on the function of the equipment within the network packet isolation, to avoid man-made malicious damage or misuse. At the same time, users can use the 802.1x function in the switch to authorize the devices that need access to the network to distinguish between legitimate users and illegal users.

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