Industrial Ethernet Factors Need To Be Considered

- Feb 13, 2017-

So choose the right industrial Ethernet what factors should be considered? simple, from the Ethernet protocol, power supply, communication speed, industrial environmental certification considerations, installation, shell impacts on heat, simple communication features and communication management, electrical or optical considerations. These are the most basic factor of product selection you need to know. If on industrial Ethernet of network management has more high requirements, is need consider by select products of senior function as: signal strength, and port set, and errors alarm, and serial using, and trunk (TrunkingTM) redundant, and ring network redundant, and service quality (QoS), and virtual LAN (VLAN), and simple network management agreement (SNMP), and port mirror and so on other industrial Ethernet management switch in the can provides of function. Different control systems for network management features require different, natural use of the managed switch also has different requirements. Control engineers should be based on the system's design requirements, the selection of industrial Ethernet product that fits your system.

Industrial environment on ultra high reliability requirements of industrial control network and industrial Ethernet redundancy as a result. From redundant rapid spanning tree (RSTP), redundant ring NET (RapidRingTM) to the backbone redundancy (TrunkingTM), both have their own advantages and characteristics, control engineers can choose according to their own requirements. In order to better help you understand and learn features of redundant industrial Ethernet technology, let us first review the Ethernet device development process.

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