Industrial Ethernet Is Technically Compatible With Commercial Ethernet

- Oct 13, 2017-

Industrial Ethernet is technically compatible with commercial Ethernet, but in product design, real-time, reliability, environmental adaptability and other aspects to meet the needs of industrial sites, is following the development of the field bus, the most recognized and most An industrial communication network with development prospects.

Industrial Ethernet is the essence of Ethernet technology office automation to industrial automation.

Industrial Ethernet operating requirements

1. Industrial production environment of high temperature, humidity, air pollution and the presence of corrosive gases, industrial products require climate and climate adaptability, and requires corrosion resistance, dust and water.

2. Industrial production site of dust, flammable and explosive and the presence of toxic gases, need to take explosion-proof measures to ensure safe production.

3. Industrial production site vibration, Industrial Ethernet electromagnetic interference, industrial control network must have mechanical environmental adaptability (such as vibration resistance, impact resistance), electromagnetic environment adaptability or electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and so on.

4. Industrial network device power supply, Industrial Ethernet usually using cabinet low voltage DC power supply standard, most of the industrial environment in the control cabinet required power for low voltage 24V DC.

5. The use of standard rail installation, easy installation, Industrial Ethernet suitable for industrial environment installation requirements, industrial network devices to be easily installed in the industrial field control cabinet, and easy to replace.

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