Industrial Ethernet Key Performance

- Feb 13, 2017-

For application in harsh industrial environments, ensuring safe and reliable for industrial applications, SIMATIC NET technology complements the many important properties:

Industrial Ethernet technology, compatible with the IEEE802.3/802.3u, using the TCP/IP and ISO Protocol

10/100M Adaptive transmission rate

Redundant 24VDC power supply

Simple Cabinet Guide

Convenient form star-shaped, linear and ring topologies

High speed redundant security network, the largest network reconfiguration time 0.3 seconds

Networking components for harsh environments via EMC testing

Through Sub-D connection with RJ45 technologies, industrial technologies and installation of special shielded cables Fast Connect connection technology, ensure the cable installation fast

Simple and effective signal device monitoring network components

Meet the SNMP (simple network management protocol)

You can use the Web-based network management

Use VB/VC or the configuration software monitoring and management network

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