Industrial Ethernet Network

- Feb 13, 2017-

Industrial Ethernet Ethernet technology is used in industrial control field, technically and commercially available Ethernet (IEEE 802.3 standard) compliant, but the actual products and applications are completely different. Which highlights common commercial Ethernet product design, material selection, product strength, adaptability as well as real time and interoperability, reliability and anti-interference, essential safety aspects do not meet industry needs. In industrial control applications are different from commercial Ethernet for industrial Ethernet. However the advantages of industrial Ethernet in where?

A widely used

Ethernet is the most widely used computer technology, almost all programming languages such as Visual C++, Java, VisualBasic are supported for Ethernet applications.

Second, high speed

10, 100 MB/s Fast Ethernet already widely used, 1Gb/s Ethernet technology is mature, and only 12Mb/s traditional fieldbus high speed (such as Siemens PROFIBUS-DP). Clearly, the Ethernet speed is much faster than traditional fieldbus, can meet the ever-increasing bandwidth requirements of industrial control network.

Third, resource sharing capability

With the development of Internet/intranet, Ethernet has infiltrated every corner of users on the network have lifted the geographical constraints of resources, in any computer linked to the Internet will be able to browse the data of industrial control field and "controlling integration", which is unmatched by any other field bus.

Four potential, sustainable development

Introduction of Ethernet will provide possibilities for the development of control systems, users on technology upgrades alone without research, at this point, any existing fieldbus technology is unmatched. Meanwhile, robotics, intelligent technology development requires a communications network with higher bandwidth and performance, communication protocols have higher flexibility, Ethernet can meet these requirements.

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