Industrial Ethernet Offers A More Robust Solution That Helps Reduce Costs

- Oct 13, 2017-

Industrial Ethernet offers a more robust solution that helps reduce costs, increase productivity, and simplify system complexity. The Ethernet is built on a low-cost, common data link standard. All along, Ethernet is considered the ideal choice for factory data transmission. In recent years, thanks to its increasingly prominent super stability, Industrial Ethernet has been in use in more and more factories. For example, network associations such as the Open Device Network Suppliers Association have included in their specifications detailed information on industrial enhanced Ethernet cable systems.

Past data-oriented networks, such as those used in offices, Industrial Ethernet have the widest possible bandwidth design, while the control device-level network is optimized to give it a strong performance and reduce latency. Ethernet early collision-oriented implementation, so that the level of certainty in the factory environment, people can not accept.

Today, Ethernet equipment (100 Mbps, full two-way switching network) delay is calculated in terms of subtle, and many orders of magnitude parameters are better than most of the reliability requirements of the factory. Industrial Ethernet The implementation of Ethernet at present is able to meet and / or exceed the flow, reliability, resilience and certainty required by the plant, so the multiple network structure is difficult to justify.

Ethernet universality, reliability and low cost advantage

Ethernet has the following technical advantages: fast, and has a wide range of error correction mechanism, so that even in harsh operating environment can maintain considerable robustness; but also through the existing encryption mechanism to provide reasonable security The In short, Industrial Ethernet is able to integrate a company's administrative, control and equipment-level network into the same system.

Improve production and efficiency

Through a more integrated network, mission-critical information can be freely delivered throughout the company in real time. In this way, manufacturers can benefit from higher collaboration, efficiency and quality of work. In addition, companies can choose to share their plant's process data with other business partners and turn their business into e-commerce. By supporting Ethernet over IP address resolution, Industrial Ethernet the company can also collaborate with suppliers, customers and contractors for electronic collaboration. As a result, partners can better access specific information, such as real-time access to their order status and delivery date through their desktop computers.

cut costs

Today, hundreds of millions of Ethernet users are enjoying the enormous cost, low cost, and more potential equipment suppliers and products for specific production applications that bring standard Ethernet to the plant.

Greater bandwidth and overall functionality

Ethernet provides shared bandwidth that is much higher than the current network system - typically up to 10 megabytes to 100 megabytes, and uses switching technology to ensure traffic on all nodes on the network. For example, Industrial Ethernet can transmit detailed control information to the company's enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in real time.

Simplified network structure

A single network does not need to implement, support, and maintain three or more independent systems, reducing overall network costs and optimizing access to information.

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