Industrial Ethernet Switch Characteristics Analysis And Use Of Attention

- Sep 30, 2017-

In the network developed today, the switch is used by many friends who need to use the network, you can achieve a network of multiple computers public. But what is the industrial Ethernet switch, is the inertia of thinking is the industrial switch, but the specific characteristics of industrial Ethernet switch what we might be puzzled.

Industrial Ethernet switches are mainly used in complex industrial environments in real-time Ethernet data transmission, the use of switch technology and Ethernet transmission technology, especially the speed of Ethernet transmission, the following came to share with you Industrial Ethernet switches Features:

The first is the introduction of industrial Ethernet switches, because it is used in complex and harsh industrial environments (high temperature, real-time requirements of high, fast transfer rate requirements, the corresponding need for fast, etc.), in the design of Ethernet, the use of storage Conversion switching mode, the use of Ethernet communication speed, built-in intelligent alarm design to monitor network operation, in the harsh industrial environment also ensure reliable and stable operation of the Ethernet.

We are talking about the characteristics of industrial Ethernet switches, high-performance Ethernet switch technology to ensure the communication speed, using IEEE802.3 / 802.3d / 802.3u / 802.3x interface standard and storage conversion switching mode of output, with the suppression of broadcast storm Function, port link alarm function; failure of the power supply fault information relay output alarm, redundant 24 V DC power input, operating temperature -40 degrees to 75 degrees operating temperature, high strength shell, protection class IP30, industrial Standard design, 10Base-T / 100Base-TX adaptive Ethernet interface, MDI / MDI-X, full-duplex / half-duplex adaptive mode; easy installation, transmission distance (relatively speaking), in order not It has the function of electromagnetic isolation, electromagnetic isolation and electromagnetic protection. Its characteristics determine that industrial Ethernet switches can be used for industrial control automation, road traffic control automation, building automation control system, mine automatic control system, oilfield control automation, Hydropower station control automation, power system control automation, room monitoring system and other industrial applications.

Industrial Ethernet switch functions and performance

Industrial Ethernet switch in the industrial design is generally designed to meet: industrial wide temperature design, 4 electromagnetic compatibility design, redundant AC and DC power input, the other PCB board generally do "three anti" treatment. Industrial environment than the normal environment should be bad, at least in the vibration, moisture, temperature than the general environment is bad, in order to make the switch in this harsh environment, so to produce a switch to adapt to this environment, The reliability of the industrial grade switch has power failure, port interruption, can be output by the relay alarm, redundant dual DC power input, active circuit protection, overvoltage, undervoltage automatic circuit protection.

(1) function: industrial Ethernet switches and industrial network communication closer, such as a variety of field bus interoperability, equipment redundancy and equipment requirements of real-time.

(2) performance: mainly reflected in the application of the external environment is not the same parameters, the industrial environment in addition to particularly harsh environment, but also requires EMI electromagnetic compatibility, temperature, humidity, dust, etc., in particular the impact of temperature on industrial network equipment Is the most extensive.

Note for industrial Ethernet switches:

(1) Do not place the equipment near water or moisture;

(2) do not put anything on the power cable, put it in the touch of the place;

(3) in order to avoid the fire, do not tie or wrap the cable;

(4) power connector and other equipment connectors need to be connected firmly, and often check the firmness of the line;

(5) to keep the fiber optic socket and plug clean, the equipment work, do not look directly at the fiber section;

(6) Note that the equipment clean, if necessary, can be wiped with cotton;

(7) equipment failure, for safety reasons do not own repair.

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