Industrial Ethernet Switch Technology Has Evolved Into A Trend

- Oct 25, 2017-

Industrial Ethernet switch technology has evolved into a trend

The traditional EtherNet is not designed for industrial applications and does not take into account the adaptability needs of industrial site environments. As the industrial site of the machinery, climate, dust and other conditions are very poor, so the industrial reliability of the equipment put forward higher requirements. In the factory environment, the industrial network must have better reliability, recoverability and maintainability.

How in the harsh environment, the industrial Ethernet network to achieve stable and reliable work? In general, the choice of industrial Ethernet switches need to consider: ring network redundancy, virtual local area network (VLAN), network management protocol, error alarm and other industrial Ethernet switches can provide the function.

Ring redundancy: The ring network uses a continuous ring to connect each device together. It can guarantee that a signal sent on a device can be seen by all the other devices on the ring. The ring network redundancy refers to whether the switch supports network cable connection interruption occurs, the switch receives this information, activate its backup port, so that the network communication back to normal operation.

At the same time, the network 7 and 8 open disconnected switches, the relay is closed, the indicator light alarm to the user. After the cable repair is normal, the relay and indicator light return to normal function. VLAN functionality: VLANs are flexible groups of multiple devices placed anywhere on the network, but they communicate as if they were in the same physical segment.

With VLANs, you do not have to strictly adhere to the physical connection to the network segmentation - which is strictly adhere to the physical connection segmentation of the traditional network design of a major flaw. Network management functions: network management, refers to the network administrator through the network management program on the network resources for centralized management operations, including configuration management, performance and accounting management, problem management, operation management and change management. The degree of management supported by a device reflects the manageability and operability of the device. The switch network management function is how the switch to control the user access to the switch, and the user on the degree of visibility of the switch.

Typically, switch vendors provide management software or to meet third-party management software remote management switches. The general switch satisfies the SNMP MIB I / MIB II statistics management function.

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