Industrial Ethernet Switches And Industrial Network Communication Closer

- Jun 05, 2017-

  Industrial Ethernet switch in the industrial design is generally designed to meet: industrial wide temperature design, 4 electromagnetic compatibility design, redundant AC and DC power input, the other PCB board generally do "three anti" treatment. Industrial environment than the general environment should be bad, at least in the vibration, moisture, temperature than the general environment is bad, the general switch in the design of the industrial environment does not resist the various circumstances of the ability of ordinary switches can not be long Time work in this harsh environment, often prone to failure, but also to increase maintenance costs, generally do not recommend the use of commercial switches in the industrial environment, in order to make the switch in this harsh environment, so to produce to adapt to this Environment switches, industrial-grade switches have power failure, port interrupt, can be relay output alarm, redundant dual DC power input, active circuit protection, overvoltage, undervoltage automatic circuit protection.

  (1) function: industrial Ethernet switches and industrial network communication closer, such as a variety of field bus interoperability, equipment redundancy and equipment requirements of real-time.

  (2) performance: mainly reflected in the application of the external environment is not the same parameters, the industrial environment in addition to particularly harsh environment, but also requires EMI electromagnetic compatibility, temperature, humidity, dust, etc., especially the impact of temperature on industrial network equipment Is the most extensive.

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