Industrial Ethernet Systems

- Feb 13, 2017-

Choosing the right industrial Ethernet what factors should be considered? simple, from the industrial Ethernet communication protocol, power supply, communication speed, industrial environmental certification considerations, installation, shell impacts on heat, simple communication features and communication management, electrical or optical considerations. Signal strength, port settings, error alarms, serial port, trunk (TrunkingTM) redundancy, network redundancy, quality of service (QoS), virtual LAN (VLAN), simple network management protocol (SNMP), port mirroring, and other industrial Ethernet managed switches can provide functionality.

From redundant rapid spanning tree (RSTP), redundant ring NET (RapidRingTM) to the backbone redundancy (TrunkingTM),

Industrial Ethernet equipment consists of the following important parts.

Industrial Ethernet hub

Non-industrial Ethernet managed switch

Industrial Ethernet managed switch

Industrial Ethernet managed redundant switches

Advanced managed redundant switches provide some special features, particularly for the stability, security, strict optimization of redundant system was designed. There are several main ways of building a redundant network, STP, and RSTP; redundant ring NET RapidRingTM and Trunking.

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