Industrial Exchange Market

- Jul 15, 2019-

Industrial level switches are used in industrial automation systems and usually serve some national key engineering projects and major technical renovation projects of large enterprises. Automation is the mainstream trend of the global industrial manufacturing industry, and the market of a series of automation equipment industry is expanding rapidly.
With its strong environmental adaptability and reliable and efficient data transmission capabilities, industrial-grade switchboard products are widely used in transportation, energy, and power industries. This project is the construction of a visual management project for Meigang. It is a domestic independent brand industrial switchboard in Meigang. The first large-scale application.
Industrial level switches are widely used in automation industry infrastructure, from the implementation of smart grids, especially substation automation, to intelligent railways, highways and other transportation projects are increasingly relying on industrial Ethernet. In China, one of the largest growth markets, continued reliance on the infrastructure market for growth is a clear trend, with power generation, power transmission and distribution, and transport being the leading application industries for industrial grade switches.
The development of industrial-grade switch technology, the large number of users 'needs such as downstream transportation and electricity, the continuous enrichment of the supply of products in the low-end market, and the wider application of network-type switches are the direct reasons for the development of the market. In the domestic industrial-level switch market, Electricity and rail transit are the key applications of industrial-grade switches, accounting for 70 % of the market.
In the field of process automation, industrial-level switches have become the first choice for the control layer backbone network and gradually migrate to the equipment layer. As a result, the entire industrial Ethernet industry chain is further developed. In particular, the industrial level switch industry in China is affected by this, and is currently undergoing an industry transformation, and further stimulated the exchange industry market and technology application development.
About 50 manufacturers are active in the Chinese industrial exchange market. There are about 15 foreign manufacturers in the Chinese industrial exchange market, 3 to 4 Taiwanese companies, and about 30 local manufacturers. Local manufacturers are mostly local brands. SHENZHEN OPTFOCUS TECHNOLOGY CO.. LTD is a professional manufacturer of industrial-grade switches. It integrates R&D, production, and sales. The products include industrial-grade Ethernet switches, industrial-grade fiber transceivers, and wireless communication modules.

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