Is The Fiber Adapter And Fiber Coupler The Same Thing?

- Oct 31, 2017-

The problem for many people, we must say that this is the same name of the product only. They not only mix these two products, and even included in the fiber connector is called a thing. fiber adapter It should be said that the Chinese language has a strong ability to distinguish it, this situation rarely occurs, but now the country is now really called mixed. That today I come to a good distinction between fiber optic adapter and fiber coupler these two things, hope to see this article will no longer be called the two things mixed.

Fiber optic adapter (also known as the flange), fiber adapter is the optical fiber connector to connect the components, but also an interface to fiber and equipment. Series products include: F C. SC. ST.LC.MTRJ. Widely used in optical patch panel (ODF). Optical fiber communication equipment. Superior performance, stable and reliable. The fiber adapter has the following types: FC / PC / FCC / SCC / SCC / SCC / SCC / SCC / SCC / SCC / SCC / SCC Conn ector. According to the work is divided into simplex, half duplex two. Simplex Communication means that at any time during the communication process, the information can only be transmitted from one party A to another B, such as radio stations, BP machines, television and so on. Simplex work is now rarely used. Half duplex, that is, half duplex Communication, fiber adapter refers to any time in the communication process, the information can be transmitted from A to B, but also by B pass A, but only by a direction of transmission exists.

Fiber coupler, also known as a disparulator, is an optical signal from an optical fiber into a number of components in the optical fiber, belonging to the field of optical passive components, in the telecommunications network, cable television network, user circuit system, the regional network will be applied In the case of using the fiber optic connector, the maximum number of passive components is used. fiber adapter The fiber coupler can be divided into standard couplers (double branch, unit 1 × 2, ie, the optical signal is divided into two power), star / tree coupler, and wavelength multiplexer (WDM, if the wavelength is high density (Fuse), micro optics (Micro Optics), optical waveguide (Wave Guide) three, while the sintering method to produce the majority (about 90), the production method is a sintering %).

Sintering method of the production method is to melt the two fibers together and melt together, so that the core together, in order to light coupling effect, fiber adapter and one of the most important production equipment is the melting machine, but also one of the important steps, although Important steps can be part of the machine foundry, but after sintering, still need to work to detect the package.

From the above description, fiber optic adapter and fiber coupler has a big difference. They are used together in the light link. So we must not be able to mix these two products together.

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