Leitong Science And Technology Teaches You How To Distinguish The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Network Line

- Jun 25, 2019-

How to distinguish the merits and demerits of the network line when wiring 1. Testing the speed of the network line

Testing the transmission speed of the network is the most effective way to identify the quality of the network. In order to be closer to the actual environment and reduce the external interference, the author suggests that the two-machine direct connection method be adopted.

At the same time, in order to ensure the accuracy of the test, try to use the brand network card with good quality to ensure that the hardware bottleneck does not occur during the test; at the same time, ensure that the computer system is clean, clean and fast, otherwise the speed of the computer itself will affect the transmission speed of the network.

In addition, when connecting the wire, try to use the crystal head with good quality, and ensure that the wire head is standardized. Only in this way can the influence of external factors on the transmission speed of the wire be minimized.


2. Check the flexibility of the wire

Good quality wire is designed with the convenience of wiring in mind. It is flexible as far as possible. No matter how flexible it is, it is very convenient to bend, and it is not easy to be broken. At present, in order to obtain high sales profits, many profiteers in the market have added other cheap metal components to the original pure copper quality network, so that the cost of the network will be reduced, but the quality and performance of the network itself are quite different, the phenomenon is that the quality of the network cable is no longer so soft, and the transmission speed of the network cable is greatly reduced.

If the wire is bent repeatedly during the wiring process, the copper cable inside the wire may be broken. Of course, if you find that the wire is too soft, you should also pay attention to it may be counterfeit and inferior products.

3. Testing the Combustibility of Wire

Generally speaking, the materials that make up the wire must be anti-combustion, otherwise, if there is a fire or something, the loss will be heavy. Therefore, when choosing the wire, we must check the flammability of the outer skin of the wire in order to distinguish the true from the false. In the specific test, you can first use scissors to cut the length of about 2 centimeters of the outer skin of the wire, and then use a lighter to burn against the outer skin, the outer skin of the genuine wire will be gradually melted and deformed under the barbecue of fireworks, but the outer skin will certainly not burn itself;

If we find that the outer skin of the network can not resist the test of fire, and it will burn up at one point, then how high the transmission speed of the network should also give up the choice. After all, such a network is very unsafe in the wiring project, and using it will leave a lot of security risks.

The author once found a section of genuine and fake and inferior mesh wires, and lit them with a lighter at the same time. It was found that after 6 seconds, the genuine mesh wires only emitted white smoke and gradually melted and deformed over time, while the fake and inferior mesh wires were easily ignited in less than 2 seconds, accompanied by a large number of black smoke.

4. Testing the Temperature Resistance of Wire

In wiring engineering, there are quite high requirements for the wire to resist the change of external temperature, not to mention any environmental change, at least the wire can not be softened or frozen in high or low temperature environment. In order to ensure that the performance of the wire is not affected in high temperature environment, the skin material used in the genuine wire can resist the test of high temperature up to 50 degrees, without the phenomenon of softening or deformation of the wire. If a small section of the outer skin of the wire is intercepted and placed next to the stove for a period of time, and it is found that the outer skin is softer than the normal outer skin, then the quality of the wire must not be hard.

In the actual selection of network lines, sometimes lack of testing environment or conditions, can not pass the above method to test the quality of the network or materials, we may as well observe the logo on the outer skin of the network line to identify the authenticity of the network line.

Normally, the normal brand's network outer skin has the category identification of the network and the trademark of the manufacturer. For example, the CAT5 logo means that the network is a five-class line, and the CAT6 logo means that the network is a six-class line. If the network outer skin has no logo, we should be vigilant and try to create conditions to test and identify the network according to the above methods.

5. Test the winding distance of wire

It is known that ordinary twisted pairs are connected by four groups of intertwisted wires. The so-called winding distance of wire is actually the length of the knot of wire. Usually, people use winding distance to express the degree of tightness of each pair of wires winding each other. In order to minimize the degree of crosstalk between each pair of wires, the pairs of wires are often tightly wound together counterclockwise, and the winding distance of each pair of wires should not be the same.

However, in order to reduce production links and process costs, many profiteers often twist four pairs of wires according to the same winding distance. Even many inferior mesh wires have winding distances as high as several centimeters, which greatly increases crosstalk between pairs of wires and seriously affects the performance of mesh wires.

6. Testing the extensibility of the epidermis

Considering that the wiring often needs to be bent, many regular manufacturers in the production of wiring have a certain degree of stretchability to the skin, to ensure that the wire in the bending is not damaged. Therefore, when we pull the regular wire with both hands, we find that the skin is stretchable. If the outer skin of the wire is pulled off by force, or there are cracks in the outer skin under the action of external force, it shows that the quality of the wire is not good.


To sum up, besides the professional knowledge of engineers themselves, it is also crucial for careful screening when purchasing the network.

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