Market Requirements For Industrial Ethernet Switch Products

- Oct 25, 2017-

Automation is the current trend of global industrial manufacturing development, a series of automated equipment industry market is rapidly expanding. A complete automated production line includes PLC, system control software, industrial robots, etc., and these components are required to connect industrial Ethernet, constitute a unified whole. Industrial Ethernet is an efficient local area network, it is an important component of modern industrial automation production system, whether it is sensor data transmission, or production equipment control, etc., which require Ethernet to form a basic control network. This is also one of the important reasons why industrial Ethernet applications are becoming more and more widely used in automated production.

In recent years, the development of network technology and industrial control field of network performance requirements are getting higher and higher, Ethernet is gradually entering the field of industrial control, the formation of new Ethernet control network technology. Therefore, industrial Ethernet communication requirements to have sufficient high real-time, high reliability, anti-jamming, anti-network failure, anti-intercept, anti-forgery performance, to ensure high-quality control data communications.

Compared with the ordinary Ethernet, industrial Ethernet need to solve the open, real-time, synchronization, reliability, anti-jamming and security and many other aspects of the problem, which is different from the general industrial automation vendors for industrial Users bring greater value to the place. Traditional Ethernet is not designed for industrial applications and does not take into account the adaptability needs of industrial site environments. Industrial machinery, climate, dust and other conditions are very poor, so the equipment of the industrial reliability of the higher requirements, in some high-risk areas of the application even extremely harsh.

In order to solve the problem of industrial applications, the network can also be stable under extreme conditions, the introduction of rail-type hub, industrial Ethernet switch products, installed on the standard DIN rail, and redundant power supply. Industrial switch products have the following characteristics:

1, redundant power input, to prevent a single power failure

2, the ring topology, providing redundant paths

3, built-in high-quality and high reliability of the parts, to ensure a long average time between failures

4, can be applied to ultra-standard temperature state, such as -40 ℃ ~ 75 ℃

5, durable housing and good temperature resistance

6, to comply with industrial standards (CE \ FCC \ UL, etc.), while the impact, drop and shock and other rigorous testing.

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