How To Use Fiber Media Converter In Your Network?

- Jun 21, 2019-

Fiber media converters play an important role in today’s multi-protocol, mixed media networks. Fiber media converters provide convenient flexibility for your network design, making your network compatible with copper and fiber. So the fiber media converter solutions is considerably more economical.


1.Two types ports of fiber media converter

A fiber media converter is used to extend copper UTP ethernet cabling to distances beyond the 100m max for UTP, by converting the signals to fiber optic cabling. Media converters have two types of ports. One for copper and the other for fiber. In terms of fiber ports, there are two types. One for optical transceivers (SFP, XFP, etc), the other for fiber optic patch cables (SC, ST, etc). The copper ports, are all designed for RJ45.


2.How to use fiber media converter in your network?

Since fiber media converter is used to converter fiber between copper, in one fiber media converter application scene, we usually use fiber media converter to connect a copper device and a fiber device. Like the below sketch show.



3.ETU-link fiber media converter solutions

We supply various fiber media converters including single-mode and multimode fiber, for ethernet, fast ethernet, gigabit and 10G ethernet.

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