Netware Orbi Distributed Routing System: Decade Ago, Decorated Without Networking Lines, 10 Years Later, No Need

- Aug 24, 2019-

As a home decoration in the Internet era, many people abandon telephone lines and cable TV when wiring, because a network line + WiFi can do everything. However, many small partners often face such embarrassment, old villas, old duplex or self-built houses did not reserve network lines at the time of original decoration, while ordinary wireless routers face multi-storey and large-scale households appear to be stretched.

In fact, embarrassment is not only this point, even if you have reserved the network line, but also placed wireless routers upstairs or in other rooms, the actual experience is far less perfect than imagined, you will find that when moving within the "sphere of influence" of two router signals, it is impossible to achieve automatic roaming. Even if you go upstairs, your mobile phone can't connect to the Internet with the weak signal downstairs, so you can only switch WiFi manually.

The perfect WiFi coverage of multi-storey and large-scale households is not directly related to the reservation of network lines. So you don't need to consider the issue of late wiring, nor the purchase of so-called villa-level wireless routers. All you need is a network component Orbi distributed WiFi routing system. Orbi RBK20 (Series 2) Distributed Routing System

The distributed WiFi routing system based on Mesh architecture is a revolutionary technology of WiFi coverage. As a model of distributed routing system, Orbi series products are complete, including RBK202 series, RBK30 3 series, RBK40 4 series and RBK50/RBK53 5 series products for household use, and Orbi Pro 6 series for enterprise users, providing users with flexible choice from coverage and price. Orbi RBK20, which belongs to Series 2, provides high cost-effective solutions for users of flat, double and small villas.

Orbi RBK20 inherits the characteristics of "zero routing" of distributed routing system and the installation mode of "where signal is not good to place where". With the help of the Chrysanthemum Chain technology of wireless Mesh, the extensibility of WiFi network can be extended, and the dead corner of WiFi coverage can be eliminated fundamentally. Moreover, the system configuration is simple, and the "one key pairing" between ontology routing and fragmented routing can be achieved without professional network knowledge.


Orbi RBK20 is designed with three-band WiFi. The communication between the systems is to support the exclusive 5GHz band of MU-MIMO technology, which greatly improves the transmission bandwidth of the system. Even upstairs, it can watch high-definition video and play network games online. A single wireless SSID downstairs and downstairs mobile phone can automatically switch to a device with strong signal, thus achieving perfect intelligence. Being able to roam greatly improves the user's experience.

With the increasing number of smart mobile terminals in the home, the Orbi distributed routing system has realized a leap from being usable and useful in the WiFi coverage of large households and multi-storeys. Therefore, even if there was no network wiring in the decoration ten years ago, it will not be needed after ten years.

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