Next Generation Intelligent Network Technology Trends

- Feb 13, 2017-

How to develop future intelligent network, how to generate new business and new business operating model, became the focus of attention. Future evolution of intelligent network in the following directions: combination of intelligent network and service system, IN-Internet communication, next generation networks (NGN), intelligent network and intelligent network to third-generation mobile communication, next generation intelligent networks.

Combination of intelligent network and service system

So-called location based services, any Internet or wireless network spatial information services provided to end users. Current research focuses on wireless/mobile location services location, providing location services for mobile phone users. To intelligent network way achieved location service of advantages is: using intelligent network mature of business platform, can fast generated diverse of location business; is located in telecommunications network within, easily maintenance, security high; support various user interface (voice, and SMS, and WAP); network entity Zhijian using standard interface (WIN, and CAMEL); support various positioning technology (CellID, and E-OTD, and A-GPS, and TOA); support various based network (GSM, and CDMA).

IN-Internet Exchange

From the area of application, mainly used in the PSTN, ISDN, PLMN intelligent network and other circuit-switched network, and not with IP-based networks such as the Internet. In recent years, rapid development of Internet, regardless of network size or the number of users has been an unprecedented growth. So, how to provide intelligent network and Internet Exchange services, creating new telecom business becomes the focus of attention. Starting from 1997, ITU-t, IETF, ETSI, ISO began to study intelligence network and technical aspects of Internet communication. ITU-T INCS-4 documents presented IN support of IP network structural model of enhanced functionality, this model can support the current PSTN and IP networks to exchange all the business. IETF working groups set up a PINT and SPIRITS, PSTN specializes in Internet business and Internet domain is activated from the PSTN side of the business.

IN-Internet currently available to achieve Interworking services include: Web-based business management business, including Internet800, such as business management and VPN service management business; PINT/SPIRITS business, including click the dial-up business, click send a fax service, notification service, voice access to contents business etc; IP phone value-added services, such as In developed ternet800.

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