Rapid Development Of Optical Communications

- Jun 21, 2019-

At present, overseas large data center construction and domestic communication network expansion market weak, need global surge in traffic to bring large data center large-scale construction. Together with the end of 40G to 100G system promotion, need to bring high-speed optical module of the compound growth rate of 45%. At the same time, the world, including China’s fixed network transmission network, metropolitan area network, under the influence of the access network traffic, is facing the need for promotion and expansion, and the shopping space is infinite. In addition, FTTH will be promoted from 1G to 10G era, PON network will be promoted from 10G to 25G, will be moving a lot of high-speed optical module needs.


The company has a full range of ready to enjoy high-speed optical modules need to display profit technology, company 10G/40G has experienced, and is now beginning the develpoment of 200G/400G optical module, 10G EPON/GPON wireless, 25G/50G/100G goods are in storage capacity; on the purchase, intends to solicit funds does not exceed 500 million yuan, used for optical module development and production line construction project optical module, automatic production line reconstruction project, 3 year after the completion of the production capacity will reach about 2.5 times the current downstream orders need to be fully satisfied.


Optimistic about the company in optical communication industry promotion in the long time to carry out the first time, to “overweight” rating from management, technology, market, brand in the domestic and international has strong competitiveness, is expected in the optical communication industry to fully enjoy the profit in the tide of technology.

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