PoE Switch Wide Application Area

- Jul 09, 2019-

"POE switch" refers to a device that can transmit data for some IP-based devices(such as wireless AP, network cameras, etc.) without changing any existing Ethernet wiring infrastructure. It can also be understood as a switch that supports Ethernet power supply. Its role is mainly data transmission and power supply. The POE switch can provide power supply functions for the other end of the network in addition to the transmission functions of the general switch. Power supply + data transmission integration, no additional power supply module or POE power supply module for the equipment, a Cat 5 line to complete all the work.
The PoE switch is based on the traditional Ethernet switch, and the PoE function is added internally, so that the switch not only has data exchange functions, but also can transmit power through the network at the same time. The solution of the PoE switch can not only effectively solve the shortcomings of the PoE power supply module, but also provide rich functional features such as power supply priority management, overheating overload protection, QoS planning, and security feature support. At the same time, the problem of insufficient bandwidth for the built-in PoE function ONU is avoided. PoE switches usually provide 2 * GE uplink ports and even 10 trillion uplinks.
With the widespread use of Ethernet, RJ-45 network sockets are widely used around the world, so various PoE devices are compatible. PoE does not need to change the Ethernet cable architecture to operate. Therefore, using the PoE system not only saves costs but also facilitates wiring and installation, but also has the ability to remotely power and power off. The industrial-class switch PoE intelligent power supply solves the problem of the Internet of Things. The power problem required by the terminal, It will play a very important role in the future development of the Internet of Things.
The number of POE switch access devices is affected by the switch standard, the total power of the power supply(the number of switches per port), and the transmission data and power of the access device. You can select the POE switch according to the actual situation of the connected device!
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