Problems That Should Be Noticed In The Process Of Optical Fiber Fusion

- Jun 05, 2018-

The problem that should be paid attention to in the process of optical fiber welding? With the popularization and application of optical fiber in broadcasting and television signal transmission, the national cable television broadcasting cable transmission network has become larger and larger, providing a very superior transmission path and platform for analog television, digital television, information and communication, etc., enabling service audiences. It is also expanding. It is particularly important to maintain the optical fiber network and ensure the uninterrupted and safe transmission of information. However, due to the weather, erection, and migration, etc., there are frequent occurrences of broken cables and broken fibers, and the splice welding of optical fibers must be performed in a timely manner. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good set of optical fiber fusion splicing equipment and a group of professional technicians who are skilled in fiber fusion splicing technology to do a good job of network operations.

Optical fiber fusion welding, strong technical, high demand, both a certain degree of technical skills, there are certain technical rules, to observe carefully when operating, careful consideration, step by step, standardized implementation, especially in the face preparation, welding, fiber and other links, but also Careful and meticulous, at one go, making the optical fiber welding beautiful and reliable, but also meet the technical standards.

Before preparing the optical fiber for fusion, you must first prepare the necessary equipment, tools, and necessary materials for stripping pliers, cutters, fusion splicers, heat shrinkable tubing, alcohol, etc., check whether the fusion splicer power supply is sufficient, and whether various materials are available. Completely, etc., and then remove the length of the optical fiber outer sheath, steel wire, etc. to be welded to find the corresponding optical fiber that needs to be welded, and prepare the end face, the fusion fiber, and the The four steps of sorting and quality inspection are performed one by one.

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