Routers As Switches

- Aug 20, 2019-

Come on, come on, important news! SHENZHEN OPTFOCUS TECHNOLOGY CO., Ltd. teaches you a knowledge point:

The router itself integrates the functions of a switch and can use the router as a switch. The connection of network does not use WAN port on router. The network line of front-end router is connected to LAN port of router. The computer is also connected to LAN port. Router can be used as switch.

Front-end router-LAN port-router-LAN port-computer

1. Change the management address of the router, do not go to the front-end router IP address conflict. The default management addresses of our routers are, so when setting up, we should change the management addresses of routers, do not conflict.

2. Turn off the DHCP function on the router and assign IP addresses by the front-end router. Otherwise, the computer can not get the correct network parameters, resulting in the inability to access the Internet.


Set up:

1. Connect the computer to the LAN port of the slave router and change the IP address of the slave router to another segment address as long as it is not the same segment as the main router. For example, most router addresses are, we only need to change the address from one router to

2. Turn off the DHCP function from the router in the settings.

3. Lastly, connect the main router's network to the LAN port of the slave router (any one will do). Note that it can't be a WAN port.

This method can connect 6 computers at the same time! Specific usage method, welcome to call at + 86-19925421817

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