Security Protection Of Black Technology In The Future Of Movies

- Jul 31, 2019-

When it comes to the surreal, high-tech and intelligent office life scenes in the movies, the first movie that comes to Xiaobian's mind is IRON MAN. In the movie scenes, IRON MAN protagonist Donny's empty screen at home; the electrical appliances that sense the human body's work, lighting up the lights; the steps that follow the footsteps; the various machines that the human body follows all create a high-tech sense of the times! When people are immersed in it, do they also think about our future -- maybe 20 years, maybe 50 years, maybe hundreds of years later, is this the norm of our life?

However, at present, many technologies in movies have been able to achieve basic functions through existing intelligent technologies, such as human body sensing technology, human body following technology, etc. have been conquered, and thus continue to try to integrate with products. At present, many smart home, smart security brand has begun to gradually introduce these technologies, in order to achieve a more intelligent home, safe life is constantly moving forward.

01. Intelligent Gateway: Many people don't know what the Gateway is. In fact, the Gateway is a signal relay station. You can understand it as a router. Gateway is the mainframe of this system, all other products need to be connected with gateway, through which signals are sent to each product to produce linkage; product alarm or abnormality is also collected through gateway, and connected with mobile APP through WiFi or 4G network to make response or prompt.

Each product can be connected with the gateway by three clicks. Mobile APP can automatically monitor the gateway and the connected products, so as to carry out visual management and operation.

02. Wireless smoke detection alarm: Smoke alarm is a product which is less used in family life, but in recent two years, the trend of this product into smart home is very obvious. The reason is that 70% of casualties in family fires are due to lack of early warning. The smoke detection alarm has played a very good role in early warning. In the era of more and more household appliances, early warning of fire has become an important part of family disaster prevention, and Zixun's wireless smoke alarm meets this demand well.image

03. Wireless flammable gas detection alarm: Compared with smoke alarm, the proportion of flammable gas alarm entering residential buildings is relatively higher. Urban residents, especially those in northern China, have relatively high recognition of gas alarms.

04. Intelligent socket: This product is a core product to realize the future technology. Through the control of intelligent socket, other non-intelligent electrical appliances in the home can be controlled at will, such as turning on the light, boiling water, turning on the TV at any time... As long as you can think of it, you can turn on and off power at any time through an intelligent socket.

05. Wireless Door Magnetism: This product is an intelligent product of induction door opening in the suit. It is installed on the doors and windows. It can sense the action of opening doors and windows and play the role of anti-theft and early warning. At the same time, the product can realize the future science and technology scene in the movie through the linkage of wireless door magnetism, intelligent socket, infrared sensor and other products.

06. Human Infrared Detector: This product is a tall PIR, which detects the infrared energy of human body and reflects it. This product plays a very important role in the field of intelligent security. It cooperates with the use of wireless door magnet, and has no worries about security against theft. In the field of smart home, through the linkage of infrared detectors and smart sockets, many brilliant and magical effects can be achieved.

07.SOS alarm: A simple and rude alarm button, through the gateway to link the mobile phone, once the alarm will be reflected in the mobile phone APP, stolen at home or elderly sudden physical condition, unable to take timely call for help or alarm measures, this product is very practical, press the alarm button, it will be displayed on the mobile phone. So that the family can respond at the first time.

Q2. Imagine, through the interaction of these intelligent security products, how will our home life become?

When you enter the house after work and open the door, the wireless door magnetism reacts, the intelligent socket is connected to power, the TV is opened automatically, the lamp tube is opened automatically, and the water heater and water dispenser pages are opened automatically. When you go to the toilet at night, you can feel the human body through PIR, and connect the intelligent socket. You can turn on the light wherever you go.

In summary, I hope that in the future product upgrade process, we can truly make smart security into a high-end product necessary for home!

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