Select PoE Switch Standard

- Jul 11, 2019-

The PoE switch is a switch that supports the power supply of the network line. The PoE switch not only has the transmission function of the general switch, but also can supply power to the device at the other end through the network line. For the entire network, the use of PoE switches can reduce wiring, lower system costs and higher reliability.
Select the standard when choosing the PoE switch, with the following advantages:
L The power supply end(PSE) and the power receiving end(PD) can dynamically perceive and adjust the power supply voltage; L Effective protection of the receiving end(usually IPC) from electric shock(other aspects include short circuit, surge protection, etc.); L Intelligent detection terminals support PoE switches and do not supply power when accessing non-PoE switch terminals; Non-standard PoE switches usually do not have the above security measures in order to save costs, so there are certain security risks.
2, not fake PoE switch
The fake PoE switch device simply merges the DC power supply into the network line through a PoE switch breaker. It can not be powered by a standard PoE switch, otherwise the device will burn. In engineering applications, we should not only select the standard PoE switch but also select the standard PoE switch terminal.
The industrial-level switch port supports output power of 15.4 W and 30W, which is in line with the IEEE 802.3 AF standard. It supplies the standard PoE terminal equipment by means of network power supply, eliminating additional power supply wiring. After investigation, PoE switches that meet the IEEE 802.3 aT and IEEE 802.3 AF standards have been developed and launched. The port output power can reach 25-30W. In layman's terms, the PoE switch is a switch that supports the power supply of the network line. It can not only realize the data transmission function of the ordinary switch but also power the network terminal at the same time.


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