- Jul 17, 2019-

There are many kinds of PoE switches on the market. How to select them? Every family said their own good, the consumer is really the eye. In fact, each PoE switch has its own advantages and disadvantages. The key is that the selected PoE switch is suitable for its own needs. The following small editor to introduce SHENZHEN OPTFOCUS TECHNOLOGY CO. , LTD POE switch, is the leading transmission product & amp; Service providers, since their establishment in 2002, have always been committed to research and development in the PoE power supply field. The company has nearly 100 PoE switch products.
SHENZHEN OPTFOCUS TECHNOLOGY CO.. What are the characteristics and advantages of LTD POE switches?
First, SHENZHEN OPTFOCUS TECHNOLOGY CO.. , LTD's POE exchange can easily bid farewell to difficult selection disorders and can choose according to different working environments;
Second, the function is powerful, can port adaptation, port self-detection, lightning prevention and high pressure, and the network can be flexible and diverse;
Third, a wide variety of ports, can be selected according to the number of ports, single port transmission rate, and high-power, do not burn machine, installation convenient, can meet the needs of the majority of customers.


SHENZHEN OPTFOCUS TECHNOLOGY CO.. Over the past ten years, LTD has been quietly investing a large amount of funds in the development of its own core products, never making false and exaggerated propaganda, paying attention to quality first, credibility first, and products must be stable and reliable. Recently launched a series of POE switches that shocked the industry to subvert the concept of traditional switches.
SHENZHEN OPTFOCUS TECHNOLOGY CO.. From the initial optical fiber transceiver to the current series of POE switches and other optical transmission products, from the original stupid products to the now fully intelligent products, some products have entered one of China's top ten famous brands. SHENZHEN OPTFOCUS TECHNOLOGY CO.. The fields of application of LTD POE switches include: Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Beijing Air Force Logistics Base, Qingdao Port, Lafang Home Group Headquarters, Xiamen Airlines, Tianhong Shopping Mall, Shenhua Group, and Rongcheng Power Bureau.

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