The Important Position Of Industrial Switches In Industry

- Jul 12, 2019-

Industrial switch is also called industrial Ethernet switch, which is the Ethernet switch equipment used in the field of industrial control. Because of the network standard adopted, it has good openness, wide application, low price and transparent and unified TCP/IP protocol. Ethernet has become the main communication standard in the field of industrial control. Accurate. Industrial switches differ greatly from commercial products, and industrial switches have many practical functions. Installation and power supply are more in line with the requirements of industrial sites. It is very necessary to choose this type of product in industrial occasions.

The environment of the industrial site is worse than that of the ordinary environment, at least in vibration. Humidity and temperature are worse than ordinary environment. Common switches are not designed to withstand all kinds of situations in the industrial environment. Common switches can not work for a long time in this harsh environment. They are often prone to malfunction, which increases maintenance costs. Generally, users in industrial environment are not recommended. Industrial exchanges, in order to enable the exchanges to be used in this harsh environment, produce switches that can adapt to this environment. If the reliability of industrial grade exchanges has power failure and port interruption, they can be alarmed by relay output, redundant dual DC power input, active circuit protection, over-voltage and under-voltage automatic interruption. Road protection.

Only two pairs of wires are needed between industrial switches and cameras to transmit network signals, audio signals, control signals and alarm signals of the cameras at the same time, and to supply power to the cameras at the same time. No longer need to pull the power cord and install transformers, so that the construction cost will be saved on power lines and transformers, if the camera is photographed according to the camera. An average of 75 meters is calculated between the machine and the switch. A four-port industrial grade switch can save 300 meters of power lines and four transformers. According to the calculation of 1.5 yuan per meter of power lines, 450 yuan can be saved. Four transformers can save 60 yuan per 15 yuan.

Industrial switches are closer to industrial network communication in function, such as interconnection with various fieldbus, redundancy of equipment and real-time of equipment, etc. The performance difference is mainly reflected in the different parameters adapting to the external environment.

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