The Rise Of Domestic Industrial Exchange Brand Occupies Half Of The Market

- Jul 03, 2019-

Industrial-grade switches are used in industrial automation, intelligent transportation, power automation, mine automation, petrochemical automation and other monitoring systems. Industrial Ethernet switches use storage conversion switching methods, at the same time improve Ethernet communication speed, and built-in intelligent alarm design to monitor the operation of the network, so that in the harsh and dangerous industrial environment to ensure the reliable and stable operation of Ethernet. Is the industrial level switch the most suitable for the factory's current application? This is indeed a troubling thing because of the need to consider many factors, such as the work environment, whether or not redundancy is required, network management and non-network management, future maintenance and extensibility, and so on.
Industrial Ethernet is gradually being used in various fields such as electricity, metallurgy, petrochemical, municipal, and rail transit due to its various advantages. In particular, the market share of electric power and rail transit has exceeded 60 %, and these two fields are currently in a period of great development and prosperity in China. The demand for industrial Ethernet switches is very certain. It is estimated that the average annual market capacity range of China's industrial Ethernet switches during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period is 3 billion yuan, which is 3 times the market size of 1 billion yuan in 2010.
The traditional brands of industrial-grade switches are all foreign manufacturers. After the domestic brand has been launched in recent years, there have been several brands with appropriate strength, such as Feiyi Communications, Sanwang, and Haishu Technology. Domestic brand of industrial switchboard products, the biggest advantage is the high cost performance. This is also in line with the market demand of the communications industry, so with the increase in the demand for industrial switches in the security work, domestic industrial switches manufacturers are sensitive to growth. With the sophisticated development of switch technology, the domestic brand of industrial Ethernet switches will soon become the main stream of work security transmission products.
After more than a decade of development, Leitong Technology has established its own development direction and has played its own leading products in the industry, from the initial fiber optic transceiver to the current series of optical transmission products, from the initial idiot to the current All intelligent products, We are following the footsteps of the international IT industry for China's IT industry has been working hard, 13 years of cultivation, with the passage of time, the Haishun people have determined their own goals. To make a unique contribution in the field of Ethernet transmission and access, we will continue to make contributions to the National information industry.

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