Three Problems Of User Focus In 5G Gear Shift And Speed-up

- Sep 21, 2019-

Under the background of the global commercial popularization of 5G, China's 5G commercial has also increased significantly. Recently, operators have rushed to sell 5G mobile phones, and launched 5G experience packages, once again put 5G on hot search.

Since the release of 5G commercial license in June this year, although 5G is still in its infancy, the three major operators have accelerated their commercial deployment. Recently, with the launch of Mate20X 5G version of Huazhou 5G mobile phone, ordinary consumers can use the real 5G. 4G/5G gear shifting speed up, but most users for 5G, mood is both ambitious and anxious, especially terminal, application, tariff is still the key to affect user selection at this stage.


Firstly, the switching cost of 5G terminals. Judging from the 5G mobile phone launched at present, the price has dropped significantly. Recently, ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G and Huawei Mate 20X 5G, which were first officially sold in China, were priced at lower prices than the "10,000 yuan level" previously widely expected in the market, effectively lowering the threshold of 5G. Both Huawei and Vivo said that "the current 5G mobile phone will not consider profit" or send a "reassuring pill" to potential switching users.

Some people in the industry expect that 5G mobile phones will drop to around 3000 yuan in the first half of next year, and 5G mobile phones within 2000 yuan will appear at the end of next year. According to data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, there are about 20 5G mobile phones available on the market. Although there is still some time to go before popularization, a large wave of 5G mobile phones are catching up with the way of listing.

Secondly, 5G application differentiation and business model. Content services based on 5G technology capabilities will spawn new formats. Recently, Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said that China's 5G business is steadily advancing. The pace of 5G application innovation is accelerating, and the demonstration applications of 5G in the fields of industrial internet, vehicle network, medical treatment, smart city and so on are constantly emerging.

Guided by the wave of 5G technology, subversive applications such as artificial intelligence, driverless, AR/VR and block chains will be mounted on 5G high-speed corridor. More business models and vertical applications will emerge in 5G Changing Society, which is the value of 5G. Zhao Zizhong, Dean of the New Media Research Institute of China Media University, said 5G was a particularly big outlet.

Thirdly, package flow is also one of the important considerations. After all, downloading a Blu-ray movie in a second and playing a game is totally uncomfortable. Under the "super-capacity" 5G network speed, traffic is the most important thing. Even some media predict that users will consume at least 50G traffic per month in the 5G era. In the 5G experience scheme of this operator, all the traffic is 100G, which also makes the market speculate that 100G may be the starting traffic.

At China Unicom's mid-term performance conference in 2019, China Unicom said that the minimum package of 5G was 190 yuan per month, which aroused widespread public concern. There are both views that compared with the unit price of 4G traffic, it is not expensive, and there are also netizens who call it "useless". In this regard, Fu Liang, a well-known expert in the telecommunications industry, said that the initial promotion of 5G package will mainly target high-end users. Previously, many industry insiders and operators have said that 5G tariff will not be higher than 4G tariff. "In the long run, pricing will vary according to the quality and speed of users." Wang Xiaochu said. It can be predicted that more diversified pricing forms will be put on the agenda of operators. According to reports, the introduction of 5G formal package node, probably in late September, or on the eve of National Day.

5G gear shift has entered the acceleration period, and the formal scale of commercial is approaching. Operators actively guide users to evolve to 5G network. The most realistic consideration for users at this stage is the experience cost and experience experience of 5G, "taste fresh or wait and see", and the market will wait and see.

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