What Are The Advantages Of The Energy-saving Mechanism In The Power Supply System Of Ethernet?

- Jul 24, 2019-

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In modern network architecture, information technology and data center managers are looking for green alternatives to reduce power consumption of Ethernet switches, routers and server devices. This requires more environmentally friendly products on the market to reduce operating costs. Traditional network equipment design requires high performance, but there is no clear measurement of power consumption and energy efficiency. Specifically, energy efficiency is disconnected from network devices that support the PoE protocol. As a result, in the network market, device power consumption is growing rapidly, especially for high-frequency application processors. So what are the advantages of energy-saving mechanism of PoE?

Energy-saving mechanism of PoE

One of the important reasons for using Ethernet power supply instead of traditional AC supply module in power equipment is that it can shut down the equipment remotely and reduce the amount of cable wiring. By controlling the opening and closing of the equipment, a large amount of electricity is saved. For example, through central control points, cameras used at night can be turned off during the day (and vice versa); IEEE802.11WLAN access points can be turned on to increase coverage and bandwidth, or to close during low utilization; and IP phones can be turned off at night, weekends or idle periods.


In multi-port devices, relevant data also prove the advantages of power supply over ethernet. A single AC power supply module must supply all the power needed by a single device in all operation modes, while the shared power supply mode of multiple Ethernet power supply devices can be adjusted according to the average power utilization rate - just like POTS telephone technology, which has been used for many years. This greatly reduces the energy consumption loss of switching power supply during idle period. The electricity saved usually accounts for 10-20% of the maximum power supply load. When it is necessary to provide more power, additional power supply equipment can be installed in the Ethernet power switch and Ethernet intermediate equipment, so as to ensure that the power supply is adjusted according to the growing demand of business.

Energy-saving Ethernet Power Supply System (EEPoE): Advanced Energy-saving Technology for Ethernet Power Supply

With the development of the power supply technology of Ethernet, the power of power supply reaches 25.5 watts from the very low level (12.95 watts per port). During this period, the power loss on the Ethernet cable increased exponentially. About 4.5 W/port power loss occurs on CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6 and CAT6A cables, and the worst loop resistance problem occurs on 25,000 m long cables after 100 m (for example, the transmission efficiency of cables is only 25.5/30, equivalent to 85% of the transmission rate). Even if 54 volts were used to replace 50 volts, the transmission efficiency would not exceed 87%. Keep in mind that traditional energy-efficient Ethernet usually saves no more than one watt per connection. To cope with the 4.5-watt power loss per connection due to inefficient power transmission over Ethernet, we need to save more power.

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