What Are The Precautions When Choosing A Fiber Optic Transceiver?

- Aug 02, 2018-

The security partners know that we choose fiber transceivers based on the type of fiber interface in the actual project. For example, fiber optic transceivers for RJ-45 connectors and SC connectors. Next, let's take a look at what to consider when choosing a fiber optic transceiver.

1. When connecting devices with fiber optic transceivers, be sure to see the type of ports required. The ports are different and the required transceivers are different. Pay attention to the matching between devices.

2. When the optical transceiver and switch, hub, you must pay attention to confirm that the length of the twisted pair can not exceed 100 meters, it is worth noting that one end of the twisted pair should be connected to the RJ-45 port of the fiber transceiver, the other end must Connect to the RJ-45 port of the 100BASE-TX device;

3. When the optical transceiver is connected to the network card, be sure to note that the length of the twisted pair cable cannot exceed 100 meters, and the twisted pair cable should be connected to the RJ-45 interface of the fiber transceiver and the network card respectively;

4. Confirm that the length of the fiber is within the range that can be provided by a single-mode or multi-mode transceiver. Many people think that the fiber transceiver is normally used in the maximum range. This is wrong because only when connected When the equipment is a dual-duplex device, it can work in the largest range. If one or both ends are half-duplex devices, the transmission distance of the fiber will have obvious limitations.

Don't underestimate this time, there are a lot of shallow knowledge points or rules that are often overlooked by people. This time, we will give you some places to pay attention to when using fiber optic transceivers. Shenzhen OPTFOCUS Technology Co., Ltd. has long been committed to providing customers with industrial Ethernet switches, industrial grade POE switches, industrial fiber optic transceivers, industrial serial port servers, industrial-grade wireless devices and other industrial network communication products, and has become a leading brand in the domestic industrial communications field.

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