What Is An Industrial Ethernet?

- May 31, 2017-

  What is an industrial Ethernet? What are the salient advantages of it?

  Industrial Ethernet is an industrial network developed on the basis of industrial Ethernet technology and TCP/IP technology. Previously, industrial Ethernet is generally used as an office network in commercial applications, the use of industrial Ethernet in industrial applications has become a hot spot, in the future industrial Ethernet may become the main form of industrial control network structure, forming a network in the end of the situation.

  Why do people try to use Ethernet in industrial applications? This is because, at present, industrial Ethernet is the most widely used in a LAN, industrial Ethernet business of great success, a high degree of recognition and technical progress, making industrial Ethernet in the industrial field will bring many benefits.

  1. Using industrial Ethernet is easier than other fieldbus.

  This is reflected in several aspects: in general, the user will more or less have some industrial Ethernet knowledge and use experience, this can reduce the user training required time and capital investment; The extensive use of industrial Ethernet technology has made mankind accumulate a lot of related knowledge, and it is easy to solve problems; Industrial Ethernet products are rich in variety, by a lot of related software hardware products, making industrial Ethernet technology easy to use; There are many kinds of industrial Ethernet, which can support multiple transmission media, Meet the needs of various applications.

  2. The price of industrial Ethernet products is relatively low.

  Because of the large space of industrial Ethernet market, industrial Ethernet products can usually make large batches, and industrial Ethernet market products suppliers a lot of fierce competition, low product prices, the use of industrial Ethernet will reduce costs. At present, although the commercial industrial Ethernet product price is very low, but the industrial Ethernet product price is still high, if the industrial Ethernet can be widely used, the cost and price will naturally fall down.

  3. Industrial Ethernet technology is developing rapidly and technologically advanced, which is unmatched by Fieldbus.

  As far as transmission rate is concerned, the transmission rate of industrial Ethernet has reached 10 Bit S, and the transmission rate of fieldbus is generally below $number.

  4. Information integration is more convenient.

  Because many enterprise LAN uses the industrial Ethernet, also uses the Ethernet in the industrial application, may make the information integration more convenient. By integrating the industrial network with the intranet and even the Internet, it can make the electronic commerce and electronic manufacturing more convenient.

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