What Problems Should We Pay Attention To In Setting Up PoE Switch Project

- Jul 26, 2019-

      With the development of science and technology, the modern security monitoring system is gradually becoming networked, centralized, intelligent and cloud-based, so that the city managers can really prevent trouble before it happens, look at six ways, listen to eight directions, plan in the curtain, win thousands of miles away, in which, as a transmission system, the PoE switch plays a huge role. Use.

       Network monitoring project, unlike general network wiring, has a large amount of data transmission, high power, and requires all-weather uninterrupted work. The use of POE equipment and wires with quality assurance is the guarantee of the stability of the whole system. The following points should be noted when setting up the PoE switch project

1. Distance of power supply

2. Wire Requirements

3. PoE Standard

4. Selecting Standard POE Switches


      It is important to choose the right PoE switch. A good PoE switch makes the whole system more stable and easy to maintain and upgrade. From a technical point of view, the technology of OPTFOCUS POE switch has developed for many years, and is now in a very mature stage.

     OPTFOCUS is based on the development and production of FTTH, FTTD, all-optical access network equipment and terminal products. PoE switch manufacturer products include optical fiber transceiver, EPON system, Ethernet switch, EOC, POE switch, optical fiber switch, Industrial Ethernet switch, CWDM, video optical terminal and other optical fiber transmission access equipment.

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