What's The Difference Between Optical Fibers And Broadband

- Aug 12, 2019-

Broadband transmits electrical signals, while optical fibers transmit optical signals. That's the difference.

This refers to broadband access. Broadband has a variety of access modes to the user, the most commonly used are ADSL, vdsl, FTTB + LAN, as well as optical fiber access, wireless access and power supply cat access, etc. Access mode is not directly related to the bandwidth of the application, that is to say, the application of 2M broadband can be achieved in any way, and the speed can reach 2M. It's just that the paths are different. Just like from somewhere to somewhere, you can get there by walking, by car, by plane or by train. Because you are applying for 2M access in any way can meet your requirements. If the network speed is increased to Gigabit in the future, then ADSL, VDSL, FTTB + LAN and wireless can not meet the demand. Optical fiber can meet the demand only by replacing the equipment of both terminals with 1000 megabytes.

Broadband refers to high transmission speed network access mode. Optical fiber is the transmission medium, not the same concept.

It can be understood that optical fiber is one of the ways to achieve broadband transmission.

Now broadband access is basically divided into optical fiber access and ADSL access. At present, the maximum transmission capacity of ADSL is only 10M, but there is no such restriction.

Fiber optics and broadband are actually two different concepts

Optical fibers transmit signals in the form of optical pulses and use glass or organic glass as network transmission media. It is a kind of transmission medium, such as twisted pair, thick cable, thin cable, etc., but its transmission speed is much faster than that of ordinary medium, which can reach more than gigabit per second.


The broadband we are talking about is the speed of our network. The rate of dial-up has increased from 14.4 Kbps to 56 Kbps. However, due to the quality of telephone lines, 56 Kbps should be the limit of the general modem. In order to get faster access speed, it is necessary to take another path. Therefore, various broadband access services have emerged in recent years. So what is broadband? In fact, there is no strict definition. Generally speaking, the upper limit of dial-up rate is 56Kbps, and the access below 56Kbps is called "narrowband", and the access mode above it is classified as "broadband".

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