Fiber Optic Coulper Pigtails ST UPC/APC Single Mode and Multimode 0.9mm,2.0Mm, 3.0Mm Cable

Fiber Optic Coulper Pigtails ST UPC/APC Single Mode and Multimode 0.9mm,2.0Mm, 3.0Mm Cable

Other than standard single mode and multimode fibers, OM2, and OM3 fibers are also available upon request.

Product Details


The ST* connectors used in our patch cords employ half-twist bayonet locking mechanism and high quality 2.5mm zirconia ferrules. They are fully compatible with existing ST type hardware.

In addition to basic testing, some mechanical and environmental tests per IEC or Telcordia are also performed periodically to guarantee the best quality. For standard patch cords, sampling check is performed on ferrule geometry to ensure high percentage of polished connectors meeting GR-326 requirements. For premium grade, ferrule geometry is tested on all patch cords to meet these GR-326 requirements. 

Other than standard single mode and multimode fibers, OM2, and OM3 fibers are also available upon request. Flame retardant grade cable sheathing options are offered. Riser rated cable will be provided as standard. LSZH and Plenum can be provided upon request.

Features Applications

ST compatible bayonet coupling

Metal body and zirconia ferrule

Low insertion loss and high return loss

Materials meet RoHS requirements

Riser, Plenum, and LSZH cables


■ Local Area Networks

■ Fast Ethernet

■ Fiber Channel

■ ATM Networks

■ Instrumentation

Optical Performance Distribution

Insertion Loss, MM 62.5/125um Insertion Loss, SM 9/125um PC

* Typical performance charts and actual data may vary from lot to lot. 

Dimensional Drawing

Ordering Information 

Part Number: OFSPC-L U L U S R P2.0-3 

1 Connector #       1L=LC, S=SC, T=ST, F=FC, E2=E2000, DN=DIN, M=MU, MR=MTRJ, etc. 

2 Finish 1 or Gender   1S=SPC, U=UPC, A=APC, P=PC; for MTRJ, F=Female, M=Male 

3 Connector #2       P=Pigtail (no connector at this end), L=LC, S=SC, T=ST, F=FC, E2=E2000,

DN=DIN, M=MU, MR=MTRJ, etc. 

4 Finish 2 or Gender 2  S=SPC, U=UPC, A=APC, P=PC; for MTRJ, F=Female, M=Male, T=Pigtail 

5 Cable Type           S=Simplex, D=Duplex Straight, X=Duplex Reverse 

6 FiberR=SM(G652),  K=62.5um, C=50um, B=OM2, A=OM3, W=SM(G655) 

7 Cable Jacket      R=Riser, P=Plenum, L=LSZH 

8 Cable Diameter    2.0=Ø2.0mm, 3.0=Ø3.0mm, 0.9=Ø0.9mm, etc. 

9 Cable Length      Length in meter, i.e. 3=3m

Optfocus Technology now brings you the best quality fiber optic coulper pigtails st upc/apc single mode and multimode 0.9mm,2.0mm, 3.0mm cable from its professional factory. Well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various fiber optical products in China, we can assure you of its good quality and excellent performance.



Each product is packed in a high quality PE bag, Then put into a box or carton and secured by 2 inserts.

Last put each box into pallets and properly wrapped for sea or air voyage.

Payment and Shipment


Standard payment terms: T/T 30% DEPOSIT,70% BANLANCE before shipping.

Online trade assurance order,all is up to you.

More payment terms could be provided(PAYPAL,WESTERN UNION,MONEYGRAM).


Delivery time:Generally it is 1-2 days if the goods are in stock,or it is 2-4 days if the goods are not in stock,it is according to quantity.



      CE Certificate                        CE Certificate                              FCC Certificate


Supplier Assessment Certificate                             ISO Certificate

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OPTFOCUS TECHNOLOGY Service Online/Offline

A. Payment Terms

1) PAYPAL, Western Union, T/T for samples

2) ESCROW, Ali-Secure, L/C, OA are negotiable

3) Drop-shipping available; Agent/Proxy are welcome!

B. Any inquiried will be replied within 24 hours

C. Professional manufacturer; Welcome to visit our website Http://

D. OEM/ODM service available

1) Customized panel display/design available

2) Packaging design offered

3) You think it , we make it!

E. High quality, reasonable/competitive price, fast lead time

F. After-sale Service

1) All fiber optical products had been full checked, one by one testing before packaging

2) All products are free from maintenance within warranty/guarantee period


Sales Department 




If you find our products interested, please fill the below blank space your detailed requirements. OPTFOCUSs team would offer different solutions to you within 12 hours. Free samples are also available.

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