Power Over Ethernet Gigabit 24 Port 48v POE Switch For Ip Camera

Power Over Ethernet Gigabit 24 Port 48v POE Switch For Ip Camera

IEEE802.3af/at, port power MAX 30W, Whole power MAX 350W

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Each product is packed in a high quality PE bag, Then put into a box or carton and secured by 2 inserts.

Last put each box into pallets and properly wrapped for sea or air voyage.


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Standard payment terms: T/T 30% DEPOSIT,70% BANLANCE before shipping.

Online trade assurance order,all is up to you.

More payment terms could be provided(PAYPAL,WESTERN UNION,MONEYGRAM).


Delivery time:Generally it is 1-2 days if the goods are in stock,or it is 2-4 days if the goods are not in stock,it is according to quantity.



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In practical applications, many customers found that PoE power supply will be unstable situation, how is it? How to do? May be caused by the following reasons:

1Distance is not arranged: PoE switch power transmission distance of up to 100 meters, but in actual use, in order to ensure more video effects, generally choose not more than 80 meters distance is better. If you use the distance of 90 meters, 100 meters or more, the transmission effect is not so good, or even the phenomenon of packet loss, which led to the PoE switch that we believe that instability.

2. PoE switch quality problems: a part of the friends in the actual operation encountered the use of PoE switches but unstable situation, may be the purchase of PoE switch quality problems. PoE switches are now a wide range of people, some people choose cheap cheap PoE switch, will certainly lead to video transmission problems, instability will inevitably. In the choice of PoE switches, try to choose a certain degree of visibility and professionalism of the brand, ONV optical network as a good choice.

3. Network cable Quality not pass: We all know that the Poe switch power supply needs 5 kinds of network cable or Super 5 cable to transmit, some people bought the quality of the network cable, this directly led to the problem of monitoring system instability.

4. Did not choose the right POE switch: POE switch from 4 to 24, there are hundred trillion, thousands of trillion, there are hundreds of gigabit cascade, how to choose, or choose a large bandwidth switch, you need a certain degree of expertise. If you do not choose the right Poe switch, instability is normal.

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